A little bit about myself

Hi! My name is Mandy Nash and I am the author of the first book about pairing wine with plant-based foods. I am super stoked to share this passion project of mine with you!! Whether you are a strict vegetarian, or just someone who wants to learn the basics of food and wine pairing, Merlot and Brussels Sprouts is your resource!

I am a wine enthusiast with a Bachelors degree in Health Science and currently work in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. My background in fitness and experience working in the wine industry, gives me a unique perspective into the world of wine – that I am now able to share with you!

I’m really excited to include a chapter in the book titled, “Is Wine Really Healthy?” In this chapter, I speak primarily to the alcohol and sugar content in wine, and explain the role that antioxidants play in the body. I’ve also included delicious, handcrafted recipes that are vegetarian and pair beautifully with wine.

I am so pleased that you are here, and thank you in advance for your support. I am truly grateful!!