Pairing food with wine

Why spend the time learning how to pair food with wine? Most of us just drink what we like, and eat what we want, right?

Well, you should know that…

When you pair the RIGHT food with the PERFECT wine – you take your dining experience to whole new heights! Wine has the uncanny ability to accentuate the flavors of food or divert attention away from it.

After readingĀ Merlot + Brussels SproutsĀ you will confidently walk down that wine aisle and buy wine you actually like. You will show up to a dinner party with the perfect bottle of wine. You will start drinking better quality wine without spending more money. And you will become a more educated consumer.

The food photography in the book was done by yours truly, as I wrote, drank, cooked, and photographed my way through the development of this book.

Cant’t wait to have you read it!